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You’re often at the gym, a real athlete? Sitting still is not your strength, you want the perfect body? You finally want to build up muscles and are looking for an effective way to do this?

Maybe Somatodrol is the product you’ve been looking for. According to the manufacturer, this supplement should increase the testosterone level and thus activate the growth hormone (HGH). It is important to note that Somatodrol activates these substances in the body. Somatodrol itself does not contain testosterone or the growth hormone HGH. This is, as you probably know, forbidden in Germany and may not be put into circulation or sold. We have dealt with the preparation for muscle building and experience others, into this evaluation flow let.

Is taking Somatodrol safe?

As already mentioned or as you surely know yourself, the sale of testosterone or HGH is prohibited in Germany and therefore illegal. However, Somatodrol does not contain any prohibited substances according to the manufacturer. The manufacturer promises that through a sophisticated and innovative formula, Somatodrol will make the body itself produce the substances needed to build muscle. This is a completely natural process.

For this reason, the use of this product is completely harmless. Effects such as impotence or erectile dysfunction should not occur as with other supplements such as anabolic steroids and steroids. Somatodrol does not seem to conflict with the law and is therefore 100% legal and safe to take.

The effectiveness of hormones in our body

Hormones are essential. The body can in no case do without them. They ensure a functioning build-up of muscles, fat burning, feelings and many other things. Two of the most important hormones are testosterone and growth hormone (HGH). If you are as interested in building muscle mass as you are, these two hormones certainly also play the main role for you. Without the two muscle hormones, you could train as much as you want. It would be completely ineffective and you wouldn’t notice any effects. Exactly these two substances, testosterone and growth hormone (HGH), should be stimulated by the product Somatodrol within the body’s own production. As this is a natural process through and through, according to the manufacturer there are no effects to be feared.

What positive effects does Somatodrol have?

According to the manufacturer, the substances in Somatodrol lead to a special mode of action. These substances and their exact effects are described in more detail in the following paragraph. In any case, the effect of the preparation should have been scientifically proven. Somatodrol should help your body to 30% more testosterone or cause your body to produce up to 30% more testosterone. This increased concentration of testosterone is absolutely harmless.

Somatodrol is also expected to increase the HGH growth hormone level by up to 26%. This leads to a faster regeneration of the muscles after training and therefore muscle cramps and tension are a thing of the past. In addition, it inhibits the effect of the hormone somatostatin, which is responsible for blocking growth hormones (HGH). Thus it automatically increases the effectiveness of the training.

In addition, experiences from other customers tell us that they have more strength and more desire for sex overall. Also erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation should not be a danger. In addition, Somatodrol is believed to increase ammonia excretion and reduce fatigue.

What are the ingredients of Somatodrol?

First of all, a pleasant fact can be discerned. The product contains only natural ingredients and is free of any chemical additives.

To the ingredients of Somatodrol. These include zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. This composition stimulates the body’s own production of testosterone.

Another ingredient is L-Arginine. This component, represents an amino acid. This amino acid ensures an additional release of growth hormones, i.e. more HGH. The increased concentration of testosterone and L-arginine provide a visible increase in performance and a clearly visible build-up of muscle mass.

Somatodrol also contains other ingredients. These are vitamin B12, cayenne pepper, guarana and another amino acid called L-ornithine.

How do I take Somatodrol and how much muscle mass can I build?

The manufacturer recommends taking 1-2 capsules twice a day with plenty of water before meals. Stick to it and don’t exceed that dose.

On the potential build-up of muscle mass, the following can be said:

The newly built muscle mass or training success as well as the success of the product naturally depends on a number of other factors. For example, some people simply have a different genetic predisposition. The training cycle can also vary greatly from user to user. In addition, trustworthy studies have proven that with the use of Somatodrol, advances in muscle building can be achieved twice as fast as usual.

Furthermore, before the launch on the market, there were numerous test persons who allegedly carried out a reviews with the product. The result; The volunteers, who trained regularly, should have built up muscle mass with a weight of 8 to 14 kilos within only 3 months. Beside these alleged proofs, there are also several before/after pictures of users to be found on the Internet, which should be a further proof of the effectiveness.

Who uses Somatodrol?

The supplement sponsored the 1st Brazilian Kettelbell Championship in Sao Paulo in 2014. The best bodybuilders of the country took part and presented their strength with pride. This discipline originated in Russia.

The Velcrobell serves to perform free exercises with weights. The weights, in turn, consist of an iron ball and a handle to which a weight is attached. For the build-up of strength and condition, these are ideally suited, but of course also for muscle building. Parts of the discipline are among other things also tearing and pushing, possibly known from weight lifting. For this type of exercise, the athlete needs a particularly large force development.

Many top athletes and semi-professional athletes recommend the exercises with the burdock ball, as these are particularly effective. These athletes also swear by Somatodrol. You can find reviews and testimonials on the Internet. The large number of experiences draw a positive picture of the product.

Where can or should you buy Somatodrol?

Buy you can get Somatodrol through many dealers. However, we strongly recommend that you download the supplement directly from the manufacturer’s website to order. The other offers at merchants like amazon or Ebay could be fakes. You don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on a product that doesn’t work and doesn’t promise the desired efficacy, or may even be dangerous to your health. Also you will not find Somatodrol or order in the pharmacy. Therefore, order the product only via the manufacturer’s website. You can find the link to the offer here:

Who is Somatodrol suitable for?

Healthy people or healthy adults with a healthy lifestyle can take the supplement without hesitation. It is intended for both men and women and offers both sexes a rapid build-up of muscle mass.

Nevertheless, the following should be borne in mind: Children, adolescents, pregnant women and people with pre-existing conditions should not take the product. If you have any doubts before taking this medicine, consult a doctor first.

Will I fail the Anti-Doping-Reviews if I take Somatodrol regularly?

If you are an athlete, you should of course pay attention to forbidden supplements and their ingredients. But I’m sure you know that better than anyone. In general, it can be said that each sports club has its own rules on this subject, i.e. each club decides for itself which active ingredients are permitted for the athletes and which are not. An exact specification of all clubs is therefore not possible. Therefore, check on a case-by-case basis and check with the club’s officials so that you do not violate any regulations and do not get involved in problems. Better ask a doctor or a coach. According to the manufacturer, however, it can be said that there should be no risk in this respect.

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