ESN DESIGNER WHEY PROTEIN 2000g (almond coconut flavour)


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Germany’s No. 1 Whey¹: Designer Whey Protein. And rightly so, because this is where delicious taste and the creamiest consistency meet high quality protein powder!

  • Whey Protein Complex: Whey concentrate & Whey isolate
  • Up to 23 g protein per portion²
  • Ideal for building and maintaining muscle
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • Without added sugar³

Our Designer Whey is Germany’s most popular whey protein powder.¹ It impresses with a high-quality whey protein complex made from whey concentrate and whey isolate, a creamy consistency and a full-bodied taste in many delicious varieties – without any sugar.

Use our whey to provide your body with important proteins and meet your daily needs. This can sometimes be a challenge with a normal, balanced diet.

Especially for athletes, proteins are crucial as they not only help build muscle, but also support muscle maintenance, especially during dieting phases. They also contribute to longer satiety.

For one portion, mix 30 g powder with 200 ml water in a shaker. You’re ready to enjoy our delicious Designer Whey. And for an even fuller taste, mix your Designer Whey with the same amount of milk or a milk alternative. But be aware that this will change the nutritional values.

We recommend 1-3 servings per day, e.g. after getting up, after or during training or whenever you like.

Description of the foodstuff:

Powder for the preparation of a protein-rich drink with sweeteners.

Ingredients for example Almond Coconut:

Whey protein blend 94% (ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, cross-flow micro-filtered whey protein isolate), flavor, emulsifier (lecithins (sunflower, soy²)), shredded coconut 1.5%, salt, sweetener (sucralose, steviol glycosides from stevia). ²Sources and ratio of lecithins may vary due to availability. Origin ingredients: EU/Non-EU.

Nutritional values Almond Coconut per 100 g powder per 30 g powder
Energy 1611 kJ / 381 kcal 483 kJ / 114 kcal
fat 5,6 g 1,7 g
of which saturated fatty acids 3,4 g 1,0 g
Carbohydrates 7,1 g 2,1 g
thereof sugar 5,6 g 1,7 g
Dietary fiber 0 g 0 g
Protein 73 g 22 g
salt 1,1 g 0,33 g

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