ACTIVLAB BCAA WORKOUT (orange flavour) 400g

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Workout BCAA is a supplement created especially for athletes who want to extract even more from their workouts. Carefully selected composition ingredients, is specially designed to achieve maximum results.


It increases muscle strength and endurance

It increases blood flow to the muscles

Fights fatigue and greatly increases



Workout BCAA is an agent for increasing strength and fighting fatigue. With the combination of substances supporting the effort can be felt the effects from the first use. Used stimulants allow you to quickly relieve fatigue and enter the body in a pleasant state of arousal.


BCAA BCAA supplementation is the basis for any athlete! BCAA account for approximately 30% of our muscle in the absence of glucose or deep, rapid effort occurs for immediate combustion. Of course you can prevent this by providing branched chain amino acids from the outside. The addition of beta alanine determines the rise karnotyzyny, which is used in energy processes occurring within the muscle. Its decay energy provides prolonged muscle work without acidification, which allows for a more intense workout.


Reaching BCAA workout you get a complete product, flawlessly balanced proportions of branched chain amino acids, enriched set of materials that act synergistically to improve the quality and duration of your workouts. The proposed statement of amino acids ensures the development of the muscle tissue and provide an adequate substitute for energy during intense training.


Supplements Facts:


Serving size: 10 g

Servings Per Container: 40

Packaging: 400 g


Nutritional value:

the daily dose (2 x 10g)

L-Leucine 6 g

L-Isoleucine 3 g

L-Valine 3 g

Beta-alanine 4 g

L-arginine 2 g


Supplements Use: As a dietary supplement take one portion in the morning on an empty stomach and the second on 20 minutes before workout. The supplement can mix in 250-300ml of water or your favorite juice.

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